5 meditation techniques

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Meditation has existed for millennia, but this practice has been a little lost in the whirlwind of modern times. However, in recent Alpha XR years, many studies conducted by neurologists have shown the following benefits: relaxation, relaxation of tension, slowing down of aging, decreased symptoms of gastrointestinal diseases, strengthening of the immune system, etc. Whether you are beginner or advanced, here are some simple meditation techniques.

Guided meditation
Ideal for beginners, this meditation involves listening to a voice that gently invites you to relax and concentrate on yourself. Several applications, such as Petit Bambou, offer guided meditation frames. You can also find it on YouTube. When your attention deviates, slowly return to the voice that anchors you in the present moment.

Mindfulness meditation
Mindfulness is simply paying attention Alpha XR Male Enhancement to the here and now, without judgment. This can be done while you walk in nature, in the subway. Observe the people around you without judging, listen to the sounds of the environment, smell the smell that reaches your nose. Be curious about the emotions in your environment. This type of meditation helps control stress, anxiety and even depression.

Vipassana Meditation
Created by Buddha 2,500 years ago, this type of meditation consists in taking each moment and each thought as an object of meditation. Sit in a lotus, with your back straight, close your eyes and breathe deeply. When a thought, feeling or judgment occurs, accept it without judging, continue to breathe deeply. Stay like that for thirty minutes.

Meditation with mantra
Choose a word or mantra that you will repeat throughout the meditation, aloud or in silence. For example, you can repeat the Om sound, which allows you to connect to the power source (prana). Again, you can focus on a phrase, “I am peace” or “I am love”, for example. This type of meditation helps to maintain concentration.

Zazen meditation
The meditation of Japan is to sit silently and aimlessly against a wall, so in front of you. Concentrate on your posture and your breathing. When thoughts arise, let them pass like clouds in a blue sky, then return to your breathing and your posture.

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