5 tips to eat well after 60 years.

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# 1 Keep the pleasure.
Bringing everything your body needs is important, of course, but never without pleasure. First advice to eat well after 60 years: always have the pleasure of eating! For that, do not forget to vary the flavors and follow the seasons to Try With Popchips choose your food better. The more colored your plate is, the more it will make you want! Feel free to cook the dishes of your childhood: the smells will make your mouth water, the flavors and flavors will evoke sweet memories and your body will thank you. In short, wake up your 5 senses!

# 2 Keep up the pace
Second advice for the elderly: maintain a good diet. To properly use the nutrients you bring, your body needs to eat regularly and at set times. So be sure to listen to your body that will tell you its own physiological rhythm for your meals.

Avoid sandwiches, but do not hesitate, for example, to eat a snack in the afternoon if you feel the need. But once again, you can dine early if you are hungry and go to bed early. It’s about finding your own rhythm and keeping it going!

# 3 facilitates the digestive work
After 60 years, it is also important to ensure its transit. Therefore, do not hesitate to adapt your diet according to your digestion. For example, if some raw vegetables can cause bloating, they can cook very well and there is so much variety of vegetables that you can eat in salads. So there’s no reason to hurt yourself, just the opposite! Also remember to drink regularly (with age, we tend to be less thirsty) and move every day so that the traffic runs smoothly.

# 4 Do not neglect any food group.
In the elderly, nutrient needs remain as high as those of adults. Therefore, each group of foods is important and none should be eliminated. If you like certain foods, you will find many alternatives in each group that will allow you to adapt your diet to your desires. And why not take the opportunity to try new foods: with age, tastes evolve. Ask your favorite traders for advice on how to choose and cook these foods.

# 5 Make a dietary evaluation.
Do you want to make sure you do not risk deficiencies, limit the risks of malnutrition or simply receive advice to maintain a balanced diet despite age? Therefore, it is time to consult a dietitian who, after a thorough review of your diet, can answer all your questions and offer you new tips to prepare your meal in a fun and adapted to your real needs.

The opinion of Dr. Bonne Bouffe
After 60 years, it is essential to listen to how to adapt your diet to your real needs and a nutrition professional can guide you in your choices to maintain the pleasure of eating and avoid deficiencies. The following article “10 eating habits to eat healthier” can also give you ideas to start a healthier life today.


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