“Tell me the story of sex”: a book full

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“Tell me the story of sex”: a book full of stories about sex over the centuries.
Was Cleopatra common? Have you found the greyhound in prehistoric times? With “Tell me the sexual history”, Marin Gask and Paul Roland signed a bold, entertaining and well-documented book.

“We do not invent anything!” , Jask divides the sea through iron stones, and continues to be amazed by the themes he tackled in “Tell me the story of sex”, an illustrated book that tells anecdotal stories about the genre through the centuries. Was the greyhound practiced in Lasko’s cave? How was homosexuality seen during antiquity? Was Cleopatra common? With her partner, Rapid Tone the designer Pauline Roland, the author travels happily during more than 4000 years of history. The result is a lot of historical information, interspersed with comments, often salty, Marine Gasc.

We learn, for example, that in ancient Egypt, “prostitutes who seem to specialize in lipstick”. In the Middle Ages, “many women were separated because they did not give children to their husbands … What is less known is that a woman can abolish the union … with damages and interests if her husband is incapacitated.” Between 1550 and 1791 “We did not laugh with the people who made a soft link”, adds the author.

“I’m against elitism in the form”
Behind this “vulgar and vulgar” tone, says Marin Gask, hides a real work of historical research. The young woman still studied law when she launched her story book RMLH (Tell me the story) in 2013, averaging at least one story per week, betting that we could talk about history in a familiar tone.

Very familiar? “I can hear that this language does not please everyone,” he tells Figaro, Rapid Tone Australia “but it embodies a whole segment of the population that, in particular, will not be interested in the story if we do not.” One has to be so precise and precise in the investigation as it is in the writing, but the used tone can be a true transporter of the mediation “.

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“Cleopatra not only had friends”
On the merits, Marine Gasc does not hesitate to correct some misconceptions. For example, around the famous “Deer Park”, this warm place of Versailles, where Louis XV came to mistreat young girls to satisfy their crazy desires.

Cleopatra is rude? Very exaggerated by those who wrote the story: Virgil, Horace, Levi, “Friends of Augustus and, therefore, the enemies of the Queen of Egypt.” “To understand,” says Marín, “you have to understand the context … Rapid Tone New Zealand Cleopatra was not just a friend … Cleopatra had lovers, not 10,000, four officials, maybe sex slaves, as she was used to. .

Henry III: “Today we can be sure: Réré had some homosexuality, well, but essentially he is still a man with women, and he seems to love his wife Louise Lorraine and her many lovers: Veronica Francie and Louise de Rouet, Renee de Chateauneuf, Mademoiselle de la Mirandole … ” As for the gentle king, “they did not spend time drinking coffee with Riri (…) to know how to use his sword in case of problems”.

Questions to the Navy and Polynesia:

Le Figaro. – Are historical sources reliable in terms of gender?

Maritime Navigation Authority. – Historical sources should always be taken with tweezers, whether sexual or otherwise. We have to go beyond the various sources that I learned during my studies in political science and in the history of law. I did a master’s thesis on the habits of the couple in the nineteenth century, and I thought it was an issue that aroused my interest.

Why not include references in the book?

MG To avoid the formal and academic aspect, I avoid footnotes and references to all the pages, but there are references to Laure Adler when it comes to prostitution, to Jean-Claude Piquard in the clitoris of history, or to Rapid Tone Canada different specialists for more specific topics. The names and business addresses are listed in the text, without problems.

Where did the idea of ​​RMLH come from in 2013?

MG I was reviewing the history of commercial law and labor law and I shared the stories on Twitter, something funny, when one of my friends recommended that I open a blog. After about 6 years, I think I can say that he had a good idea.

Why add themes related to gender? What were the reactions?

MG While I was working on my thesis, I read whole pages of nineteenth-century ethics related to ethics, and I would like to share current practices. It is possible to mention conjugal rape or the use of condoms in the spouses. Readers are very curious, and the most read articles are those related to sex and not the history of commercial law …

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