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The obvious does not seem to be the best option for a romantic night, but it brings a lot of potassium, which provides the energy we need so we can not sleep on Valentine’s Day in 2019.


Chocolate is a food with many benefits. It provides antioxidants and also gives us well-being. They say it is the food of happiness because it activates the hormone associated with it. A lot of cocoa in the dessert, if it’s liquid, better, it’s a way to start with a passion ritual.


It is not necessary to buy many seafood, with our aphrodisiac food small enough. Oysters and shrimp generally have a variety of nutrients, however we increase our sexual desire. They Vexgen Keto also provide Omega 3 fatty acids, which makes us feel much better and gives us energy.


If you’re going to make soup, there’s fish or fish on the islands. They produce sex hormones and contain a high proportion of vitamin A, which we must be in tune at times of greater fun.

The cinnamon

This spice brings great stimulation, both in the body and in the mind. Not only do we have the desserts, but we can also take advantage of them in the second courses and complete many other ingredients. Ginger and anise are also other anabolic spices that we recommend incorporating at night.


It’s so sweet that they would go very well for the various dinner dishes full of passion. Honey, among other things, has vitamin B and in this way can increase our testosterone.

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